ROLE AND FUNCTIONS OF SBCA Click here to access Website of SBCA

To regulate Town Planning and Building Control in accordance with Master Plan and Environmental Control (Building & Town Planning) Regulations, given legal cover under SBCO 1979.

Approval of all type of building plans under the jurisdiction of SBCA.

Approval of Structural Designs of the buildings.

Issuance of NOCs for sale and advertisement for Public Sale Projects to the Builders and Developers i.e fixation/approval of unit price, time period and specifications of construction and development.

To resolve public complaints against builders and developers regarding public sale projects within the purview of approved plans and specifications.

To take action against the builders for violation of approved building plans.

To identify, declare and demolish dangerous buildings in different parts of the city.

To take legal action against the builders and developers involved in unauthorized construction and violations of building plan/NOC.

To issue licenses to professionals, builders and developers under Karachi Building & Town Planning Regulations 2002. (Amended up to date).


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